Friday, August 12, 2016

What's A Muselinguis and Can I Find It In Pokémon Go?

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No not Moose-lings, it’s Muselinguis

I know, I know that’s the question everyone asks when I use my online identity. First they ask what is that, then a who is that, and then usually a what the heck? And then, who the heck again? It always ends up coming down to a why the heck?  So since you tuned in today, and hopefully other days too, I feel as if I might owe you some sort of explanation.

One Hundred Great Ideas

Besides the other reasons that I may cover here in a bit I would have to say why not? The domain name was available, which was a big plus because the other one hundred great ideas were already licensed. So I grabbed it when it was hot and when it was cheap, but that was just one of the reasons.

I wanted a name that I could brand. I definitely wanted something unique, something somewhat memorable, and something that could establish meaning, with a little bit of word play, and something that didn’t have twenty syllables, I don’t appreciate long names when it comes to domain names, or characters in video games. I feel the shorter you can make it the easier to say, easier to remember. Besides it is less letters to look at when your running down the road. So yes, I like short, maybe it’s a psychological thing since I’m physically shorter than average, but tall, very tall in statue.

So without using Latin, and just using a little bit of word play I could not only give Muselinguis meaning, but create my mantra which I believe communicates not only what I am, but what I want to become, when we pick it apart we get:

Muse - the inspirational guide that endows the receiver with a sense of creativity

Linguist – (yes I know this part is a stretch) a linguist is one who studies history of language, but if you shorten the word and remove the t and change the sound and cross your fingers really, really hard you can have it mean just words . . . or language, Heck it’s my domain name, I’ll let it mean whatever I want it too . . .

So if you stretch it just a little bit it is representative of my mantra for this writing life . . . which is simple . . . it is what I wish to provide to my clients, my publishers, and you my readers, it is simply this:

Muselinguis - Taking an inspired approach to the written word

So yep that’s my mantra, that’s what I hope to accomplish anytime I sit down to write. It is to be inspired in a heightened sense of creativity in order to reach out to others and inspire them, motivate them, make them think, challenge their norms, entertain and sooner or later in the process, I hope it’s even able to put bread on the table.

About the uniqueness . . . I struggled to keep it short, I really struggled on something that wasn’t used. . . but eventually settled on it. I wanted a name I could brand across several networks, uniqueness helped here; it is my Twitter handle, my Hub Pages handle, my Blogger handle, heck I even got a character in World of Warcraft that goes by that name. (Oh my what I nerd I am!) But hey, I guess it’s free advertising :)

Did I mention Pokémon Go?

     After all it’s all the hype now days, but I am so sorry on two accounts, the first is to the best of my knowledge there is not a Muselinguis in Pokémon Go, if there was though I would be honored. It would be awesome to have my digital persona represented in such a way that the world would stand up and take notice (interesting if I do it right I won’t even need Pokémon go to accomplish that).  A worthwhile goal . . . maybe someday. . . and the second account is I haven’t played as of yet, it’s scary after all I would have to go out and meet people, not this anti-social persona. Ok, the real reason is that I am somewhat of a gamer, or at least a game enthusiast, and when hearing of the addictive qualities of this game it scares me, it would most likely take over my life . . . I will admit thou that it is on my wish list in the app store, I hesitate every time I want to hit the download button. Maybe one day I will get brave and then I could even blog about my Pokémon Go adventures, kind of along the vein of John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie.

Did I mention it was on sale?

The best part of all this is that from this point forward you can choose to be smarter than the rest of the people you know because when you see this . . . #Muselinguis . . . You will automatically know what it means and where it came from, I’m not British but I just feel like wrapping this up with a cheers mate!

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