Friday, July 31, 2015

All Grown Up Now

Did you catch the cliff hanger from the last post? (Actually a couple of posts back, I will not be silenced was the title). Well if you did congrats, if you didn’t maybe you should read it again. What? You didn’t even read it the first time, how dare you! Ok really now in all seriousness, the concept is kind of simple if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m already grown up, so to say that “when” kind of throws a ringer in there, but still the concept is simple, you must just dig a little deeper is all.
Growing up as a writer and growing up as an individual have some things in common, sometimes, actually most times. Those things in common are probably the most desired traits too:
Such as a mature perspective, which equates to an acceptance of knowledge that without the effort dreams, will not come true. That it will not be handed to you just because you want!!
Such as . . . The understanding that you have to keep focused on the goal at hand and not to get sidetracked. Easy to say not easy to do.
Such as. . . Perseverance will get you to the end while quitting can end in a not so good of place.

Such as . . . Talents and skills are not only a gift, but also something that needs to be worked at, to learn new devices, better ways of looking at things, better ways of saying things, in order to achieve the goal of being able to self-title yourself as a master of skills.
Such as . . . Courage is not an overcoming of fear, but an accomplishment, a mission in spite of being afraid. (Not only a sign of maturity but also wisdom) and that wisdom applied will get you farther than anything else, including the way we feel.
Such as the ability not only to recognize the difference between right and wrong, but also the difference between good and bad.
Such as the people in our lives who really mean well, I’m sure they do, but if you listen to them they might destroy you if you let them.
Such as the ability to keep things in an orderly fashion. Well at least at the important times :)

I’m sure you are confused now in trying to see the bigger picture, how does this relate to coming to fruition as a writer, or as an individual life? That’s ok because I may be a little bit confused here myself, but the ability to live as a grown up can be reached without being grown up in other aspects of life.
Much in the same way as the ability to write, and the ability to be a fully grown writer are two distinct points on a line, pretty much at opposite ends at that. 

That spot on opposite sides of a line then has to move, and it is through growth that it will move closer to where you would like it to be, and as it gets closer and closer to its final destination the closer maturity is, but the journey really never does end not only for writers but life in general. So this sentiment leads me to say . . . that in all honesty I’m not really grown up, at least not fully achieving the guidelines of a mature writer, but I tell you this I am well on my way, and really no longer doubt that I will be making the final trip.