Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Apple vs. Pandora

So Apple announced yesterday their new music service, it was to be expected. The killer part of this is that today everyone is predicting gloom and doom for Pandora, just because Apple has thrown its hat into the music streaming ring but I agree not with that theory and it’s for several reasons.

First and foremost I am a customer although of the free, ad supported model a customer still, and as a matter of fact I’m streaming Pandora as I write this. I only been with Pandora for a couple of years now, but they have been good years, well at least as far as me and Pandora are concerned anyways.

Apple may be out to crunch all competition, or maybe not. But regardless of what Apple does I don’t think it will affect my beloved Pandora, yes beloved I say and this is why They provide me with the music I want, when I want, how I want either it be my laptop, my desktop, my phone it doesn’t matter Pandora is there for me and I much likewise would like to return the favor someday maybe this is how I can, by writing this.
This is where Pandora will not lose to the Apple.

1. Some people like the underdogs
2. Availability and accessibility to music
3. They know me and my like’s better everyday
4. Pandora has survived a lot (history or founding) and it’s not run by amateurs.

The only thing that could hurt or kill Pandora is Pandora itself, but as long as they continue to do what they have been doing so well for years now I think they are safe. Although some people are staging this as a David and Goliath battle, they seem to forget that it was David, the little guy, who won the battle.

So Pandora here is a giant THUMBS UP to you.

So Apple thanks but no thanks, I’ll SKIP your new tune and stay with ole faithful. 

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