Friday, February 22, 2013

Reality TV and My Blog - Polar Opposites

Reality TV and My Blog - Polar  Opposites

Well here we are. In the beginning there was a disheartened man,  a writer who wants to share with the world what goes on inside of his disheartened little world. This man is me, so I invite you on a journey. A journey that will surely take us to undiscovered lands, across great oceans, to the lowest valley, and the highest mountain. This is where the journey shall take us. This is where the journey begins.

First, let me attempt to explain what exactly I hope to accomplish, because if there is no worthwhile ending, then there’s no point to maintaining the effort, for either you or for me.

1. Enlightenment for lack of a better work, a challenge to your world view, to your ability to rationalize and brush off the cob webs from your critical thinking skills.

2. Insight to the writing life, the writing processes, the creative process, and the process of fulfilling a dream.

3. Insight to transition - “transitory life” either we are moving forward in life or we are just maintaining, in other words, slipping back.  I have maintained for too long now, it’s time to move forward.

4. What I hope will happen above all else is that the dishearten attitude towards life would lesson, maybe just a bit. Through the freedom of self expression that a writer often engages in, words become thoughts, thoughts become ideas and ideas themselves become words on a computer screen. It is through this form of self expression that I seek release, a creative outlet that turns introverted energy into a state of finality by producing a tangible object, even if that object is just words on a page.

As far as the allegorical expression (this is an allegory right???) of taking you along on a journey, I do not apologize. I invite you to be witness to my life, as it is now, and how it may be tomorrow. I do so out of a desire to reach out to others wherever and however I may get them to listen. I want to leave this life that I now live behind, are you happy now? Could I have said it much plainer? Do you want me to just shut up now? Too bad if you do because I write on.

These past years reality television as they like to call it, has had a large success, but why would they call it reality television when every thing they show is staged? I shall break out of that mold now, there will be no upstaging here, no punny one liners, no attempts shall be made to deceive, distort or otherwise mislead you from the truth. Transparency, such a nice word. Maybe that’s what they should call it non-transparent television  How trite.  Oops, my apologies, I’m rambling on again. I will try harder to not stray from the subject.

The subject? Where was I? Oh yea, non-transparent television. The idea behind it is great, get behind the scenes and look at how people really are, how do they act when no one is looking? (The one lie that kills reality television is simply that, we will never know how they act when no one is looking, because everyone is looking!!!!) I am going to add a new twist to reality television and call it reality authorship. Unlike television, I will not paint a pretty picture, unless there is some truth in that beauty. I will not be non-transparent. I will not be here to impress, or feed your egos, but explain the realities we call life. Before we move on, let me explain the sales pitch. Follow me from a struggling writer, a starving artist who has to work a day job just to support his efforts and his belly too, transformed into a best selling, wealthy, author.  That’s it, that’s the journey, that’s the sales pitch. That’s my tag line, I hope your interested enough to tune in tomorrow.

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